Nelson Mazda Nashville - Poor quality; poor service


I recently purchased a Mazda CX5.Within days of owning the vehicle I discovered several unpleasant facts.

1) the upgraded Bose stereo sounded bad and I found posts online from other owners complaining about the same issue. 2) the material used on the armrest on the driver side door was already showing signs of wear after only 30 days! Plus, the carpeting was so poorly installed that vacuuming pulled it up. Emails with the salesman only resulted in him telling me to spend 2k more to upgrade the stereo (again) and the interior to leather.

I don't want leather interior! A subsequent email to the manager got NO response. A call to the customer service department also got nothing. They basically said "too bad" if I don't like the design - as if that's really the issue.

When I asked for a name and address for corporate, all they supplied was a PO Box.What a joke.

Review about: Mazda Cx5.

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